4 top tips to stay cool this summer

So, you're wondering how to keep cool this summer? Well, look no further as you've come to the right place! Firstly, if you have the budget to buy one of our portable a/c or air shower fans then check out our shop. We have a wide range of units which will cover any need. If you're unable to get a unit right now here are some good tricks to keep cool without a/c units.

1. Stay hydrated

None of these tips on how to keep yourself cool in hot weather will work if you’re dehydrated! Even if you do cool down a bit, you’ll be parched and at a much higher risk of much-needed heat exhaustion. Whether you’re in the direct sun or not, remember to drink as much water as possible to keep yourself cool and hydrated.

2. Add ice to your fan

When you’re trying to stay cool in hot weather, a normal fan just doesn’t cut it. Try adding ice to your fan to give it the cool, refreshing kick you need! This might sound complicated, but there are many simple ways to do this. You can place a frozen cloth over the back of your fan, adhere a gel ice pack to the back of your fan with string or tape, or simply place a bowl of ice in front of your fan to cool down the air blowing your way.

3. Put your ankles in water

If you’re struggling and wondering how to stay cool in extreme heat, it might be time for a dip… but don’t worry, you don’t need a pool for this cooling tip! Studies have shown that submerging your feet in cold water up to your ankles can drastically cool you down, even in hot weather. Fill up your tub or simply get a large mixing bowl with some cold water and possibly even ice cubes, and let your feet get a cool treat!

4. Wrap a cold wet towel around your neck

A cold, wet towel around your neck will keep you from overheating. As you rest the wet towel against your skin, the water begins to evaporate, decreasing the towel's temperature. This cooling action is transferred to the skin on your neck, lowering your body temperature and making you feel more at ease under the scorching sun.

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