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3 Common Portable Aircon Unit Problems Homeowners Encounter (With Troubleshooting Tips)

Fixing Portable Air Conditioning

Summer has already made its way into the UK, which has brought portable air conditioners on the rise for sale. It goes without saying that portable air conditioning units are the perfect partner for homeowners to create a cool oasis at home on scorching summer days. However, just like any other electronic item, portable ACs come with some common problems over time, which can be annoying if encountered on summer days.

In today’s blog, we are going to unfold those common problems with portable air conditioners with troubleshooting tips to beat the heat. Read on.

Common Problems with Portable Aircon Units and How to Troubleshoot Them

Although portable air conditioners are lifesavers, malfunctioning over time or due to overuse is common. Do not fret! Instead, understanding these usual problems and how to troubleshoot them can bring your comfort back. For instance:

#1: Your Portable Air Conditioning Units Not Blowing Cold Air-

When your portable air conditioner is not cooling your rooms efficiently or blowing warm air, the most likely reasons are either dirt and dust that prevent the cold air from coming out or a refrigerant leak. In the first case, the AC filter, coils and exhaust hose need a cleanup to remove the filthy dust and get the air movement on track. On the other hand, refrigerant leaks make the coolant escape from the portable AC, leading to warm air. In both cases, it is wise to call professional HVAC technicians to fix them.

#2: Your Portable Air Conditioning Unit Shuts Off Often-

Despite selecting a durable brand like Brolin, Fral, or Igenix, short cycling can occur. It is quite a common problem with portable air conditioners. Short cycling means when the air conditioning unit shuts off and restarts again at irregular intervals, such as three to four minutes at a time. It usually happens with the air conditioners that get rare cleanups. Also, a faulty compressor can cause short cycling. The best way to troubleshoot this problem is by running its self-diagnosis system or calling an expert.

#3: Foul Smell From Your Portable Air Conditioner-

Have you recently smelled something weird and filthy from your portable air conditioning unit? If yes, it can be a sign of underlying problems, such as mould in the air exhaust or drain hose due to condensation, which causes a musty odour. In this case, an immediate cleaning is necessary to prevent such foul smells.

Latest Portable Air Conditioner Model

However, if you get any smoky odour, that can be from any burning parts inside the AC. Look for a technician for repair, or check the latest portable air conditioner models for sale online if your AC cannot be made as good as new, for example:

For industrial and commercial needs, Fral Blizzard 7.3kW Industrial Portable Air Conditioning Unit and Broughton MCe9.0 9kW Industrial Portable Air Conditioning Unit can be great choices.

Troubleshooting Tips for Portable Air Conditioning Systems

There are two ways to troubleshoot such problems if you encounter them, including:

  • Check the error code on the owner’s manual that is visible on the LED display of your air conditioner. It may help you find the root cause and resolve the issue.
  • Call a professional technician to get your air conditioning unit cleaned, repaired or maintained. They have expertise in cleaning and repairing portable ACs, regardless of brand and model.

Where to Shop for Portable Aircon Units Online

Look no further than BRIGHT AIR! We have a wide variety of collections of the latest portable air conditioners for sale. Check out the brands and models best for your home and commercial spaces and budget, and shop now. Our team can also help you troubleshoot these common problems over the phone in the best possible way while undertaking repairs and replacements seamlessly.



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