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Prem-I-Air 10L Compact Compressor Dehumidifier: Ultimate Comfort for Your Indoors

Benefit & Feature of Prem-I-Air Compressor Dehumidifier

Do you live in the UK? If yes, you are probably enjoying the chilled climate now outdoors. It is fun for sure, especially when you love to skin. But, chilled and low humidity indoors does not feel fun. UK winters have low to moderate humidity that can make you feel uncomfortable, clammy and chilly while the skin feels dry. The best way to prevent these issues is to dehumidify your rooms. And, if you are looking for a compact and portable dehumidifier for your house, the Prem-I-Air 10L Compact Compressor dehumidifier is the best choice. It will not just make indoor air feel warmer but more comfortable.

Not sure if it is the right choice? Take a glance at today’s blog covering the features and benefits of this Prem-I-Air dehumidifier model to clear your doubts!

Features and Advantages of Prem-I-Air 10L Compact Compressor Dehumidifier

Prem-I-Air 10L compressor dehumidifier is compact in size, making it perfect for any smaller space, like a 2-bedroom home, apartment or flat. This portable dehumidifier is simple to use and comes in budget. Still, if you are unsure, we can tell you its amazing features and how those benefit you. See here:

Extraction Rate and Costs

This Prem-I-Air dehumidifier can extract moisture up to 10 litres a day. Compared to any other electrical application, its running costs of moisture extract are quite low due to its ultra-efficient compressor allowing low energy consumption around 195w. Yet, you can get comfortable indoors while saving on utility costs.

Smart and Efficient Automation

Prem-I-Air 10L Compact Compressor is the top home dehumidifier in the UK popular for its automated tank full indicator. Its tank capacity is 2 litres, and the dehumidifier will be turned off automatically when the tank is full. Also, the indicator on the modern digital control panel will notify you before it is full, so you can use it in continuous drainage mode for a long operation if necessary without being monitored.

Compact in Size

Whether you need to dehumidify your small workspace or your apartment with little room available, the Prem-I-Air 10L Compact Compressor can fit there easily due to its compact size. This portable home dehumidifier is small with 265 x 305 x 500 mm dimensions and weighs 10 kg, which is easy to move around and store at any corner without consuming much space.

Modern Digital Control

Another attractive feature that makes this portable dehumidifier perfect for any home is its digital control panel. Its digital control streamlines the operation, especially the humidity control function. You can easily set up and control the exact level of humidity desired to make your rooms feel comfortable and reduce condensation, causing mildew and mould.

Quiet Operation

Whether you have a little baby at home or run a home office, noise can impact your work and your little ones’ sleep too. However, you can rest assured about a quiet dehumidifying operation with this Prem-I-Air dehumidifier. Thanks to its low-noise compressor, creating minimum noise impact in a room.

Where to Buy Prem-I-Air 10L Compact Compressor Dehumidifier

Look no further than BRIGHT AIR! We have a great collection of Prem-I-Air portable home dehumidifiers with different moisture extraction capacities. Shop now or call us today if you experience any issues with our products. Our experts will resolve your problems as much as possible over the call. Also, we handle repairs and replacements swiftly and seamlessly!



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