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4 Mind Blowing Ways to Use Your WINIX Zero Air Purifier Effectively

4 Mind Blowing Ways to Use Your WINIX Zero Air Purifier Effectively - BRIGHT AIR

Hey, have you recently bought a WINIX air purifier, or are you thinking of getting one? If that’s the case, you would definitely like to know how you can enjoy it to the fullest, right? We are here with some amazing tips to ensure you breathe healthy air at home effectively as much as possible. Let’s get started!

How to Get a Buzz out of Your WINIX Zero Air Purifier to the Fullest

Before we start, look at this brief idea of WINIX air purifier Zero and WINIX air purifier Zero Pro to find the right one for your home. For example:

WINIX Zero Pro air purifier is a powerful automatic air purifier, allowing a clean home from fine dust and even allergies, while WINIX Zero air purifier is a high-performance air purifier best for leaving your indoor air bacteria-free. The former is ideal for rooms up to 120 m² with a maximum airflow of 470 m3/h, and the latter comes with a CADR of 390 m3/h for rooms up to 100 m².

Now, no matter which you buy- WINIX air purifier Zero or WINIX air purifier Zero Pro, you need to use it correctly to enjoy its utmost effectiveness. Here’s how:

1: Choose A Functional Spot To Place-

To make the air purifier work to its fullest, you need to place it in a functional place. For example, close to a door or window where airflow is better. However, make sure you place it at least 8 inches away from the furniture or walls so it can efficiently purify your room.

2: Keep The Air Purifier On-

When you keep your air purifier off, its dust sensors fail to eliminate the new dust particles. Leaving the system on will allow you to keep your indoor air cleaner constantly, removing triggering allergies faster.

3: Never Open Doors And Windows Too Much-

As we suggested keeping doors or windows open, it doesn't mean you will open everything entirely! At a time, you need to open one window or a door to ensure a maintained airflow as much as required to ventilate. Otherwise, too much outside air can prevent it from eliminating impurities

4: Clean And Replace The Air Purifier-

We suggest cleaning a pre-filter air purifier regularly, like WINIX Zero, at least once a week. On the contrary, you need to change the replaceable filters from time to time to ensure properly purified air, such as in the case of WINIX zero pro.


Where to Look for Your WINIX Air Purifier


We hope you understand how you can enjoy the effectiveness of an air purifier to its fullest. Now, if you are looking for WINIX air purifiers, BRIGHT AIR is the best place to take a look! We have a huge collection of WINIX air purifiers, from Zero to Zero Pro to Zero Compact, Zero S and so on.



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