Recommended for larger spaces, rooms up to 120m².


  • CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of approx 300m3 per hour
  • The Air Purifier ZERO Pro cleans up to 120m2
  • WINIX PlasmaWave® air purifier Technology
  • 5-stage filtration Air Purifier
  • Silent Mode at night due to light sensor


The air purifier WINIX ZERO Pro is an extremely powerful and fully automatic air purifier that cleans your indoor air environment from allergies, fine dust (PM2.5), dust, pollen, pet dender, cigarette smoke, mold spores, VOCs and household odors. The Air Purifier WINIX ZERO Pro is a fully automatic air purifier that can be used in all rooms up to 120m2. 

The WINIX ZERO Pro air purifier is a Dual Sensor technology air purifier and using a 5-stage air purifier filtration system with; a washable pre-filter, an active carbon filter, a antimicrobial True HEPA filter (99, 97%) and the unique WINIX PlasmaWave® air purifier Technology. The Dual Sensor technology of this air purifier ensures that the air purifier reacts fully automatically to both the presence of unpleasant odors and to the smallest dust particles (PM2.5). 

The air purifier WINIX ZERO Pro is a tested and certified air purifier by both AHAM and ECARF and therefore a trusted air purifier that truly improves Your indoor air quality. This air purifier, the WINIX ZERO Pro is the ideal air purifier for every living room or office space and for every circumstance. Are you looking for an air purifier that works guaranteed, then choose an air purifier from WINIX!


2-Year Warranty.


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  • 4 Carbon filters
  • 1 True HEPA filter
  • Link to purchase filter HERE 
  • Filters typically last 1 year but life can be extended by regular washing of the filter


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Color: White

    CARBON FILTER - This air purifier has a carbon filter to absorb odors such as cooking smells, cigarette smoke and pet odors.

    CLEANCEL® - CleanCel® is a antimicrobial treatment on the True HEPA filter that protects the air purifier from bacterial contaminations.

    PLASMAWAVE® TECHNOLOGY - The PlasmaWave® air purifier technology creates Hydroxyls to neutralize viruses and gases without producing any harmful Ozone.

    TRUE HEPA FILTER - The True HEPA filter of the air purifier filters 99.97% off all particulates and allergens from the air.

    PARTICLE SENSOR - The particle sensor in the air purifier shows the indoor air quality through the Air Quality Indicator LED lights.

    ODOR SENSOR - The odor sensor in the air purifier shows the indoor air quality through the Air Quality Indicator LED lights.

    NIGHT MODE - With the automatic night mode the LED lights will dim and the air purifier will whisper silent continues to work.

    AUTO MODE + 4 FAN SPEED - This air purifier is having an auto mode and 4-fan speed settings.