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3 Things About Electric Room Heaters No One Will Tell You

3 Things About Electric Room Heaters No One Will Tell You - BRIGHT AIR

Are you in the UK? If yes, we guess you can feel the vibe that winter is knocking at the door. You may have already started keeping your windows and doors closed as much as possible to ensure your rooms feel comfy and cosy. However, there is another thing that can add more comfort to your home: Electric heaters. It helps you with a pleasant living throughout the winter days upcoming. So, if you don’t have one still, it’s time to buy the best electric heaters available in the UK.

But, before that, there are a few things you need to know about electric room heaters that no one may have told you ever. Let’s get started!

Facts About Electric Home Heaters You Need to Know

While living in the UK, having a reliable heating system is essential, especially this upcoming winter. Some houses rely on traditional central heating now, while some prefer installing electric heaters, whether they be mounted or portable.

Now, if you are thinking of getting an electric room heater this year, you need to know the following facts.

Types of Electric Heaters

Speaking of electric heaters, you will find three different types in the UK market- Infrared heaters, fan heaters, and ceramic heaters. In fact, you will find some models combining both ceramic heaters and fan heaters, such as the Igenix IG9030 1.8kW Upright Ceramic PTC Fan Heater, whereas smart electric panels heaters are also available operated by Wi-Fi and even Amazon Alexa, like Igenix IG9515Wifi 1500W Wifi Enabled Panel Heater

Types of Electric Heaters

Infrared Heaters

Compared to other electric heater variants, these work differently as infrared heaters use rays to heat the room, not warm air. Yet, it offers faster results, like just a couple of minutes it takes to reach your desired temperature. Igenix IG9509 800W Halogen Heater is one of the best infrared electric heaters available in the market now. So, if you want to buy the best halogen heaters in the UK for your home, go for this one!

Fan Heaters

Are you looking for a cost-effective choice for electric heaters? Then, you better take a look at the latest top-mounted and portable fan heaters! It heats interior air using a fan by pushing its air over a heating component and warms the rooms. Amongst the top fan heaters for sale in the UK, you can choose from:

For commercial uses, you also have options here, like the Igenix IG9302 2kW Industrial Fan Heater, Igenix IG9301 3kW Drum Fan Heater and much more.

Ceramic Heaters

It’s another affordable electric heater option in the UK. Here, ceramic heaters use electricity passing through a conductor to generate heat and keep the room warm during winter days. Of different brands, Vybra ceramic electric heaters are on the hype, especially these two models- Vybra Multi 3-in-1 Tower with 2000w PTC ceramic heating and Vybra Neatheat Portable Ceramic Heater.

Common Reasons Electric Heaters Break Down

Before buying room heaters online, you should know what the common challenges you can face, for example, broken down electric heaters. And, the most common reasons for this are:

  • Sometimes, electric heaters stop working or just don’t turn on. Blame the power supply for this. Check if the power switch is working properly. If not, there may be some issues with it.
  • Another common reason is blown fuses! When the heater is turned on for longer hours, the fuses of your home become overheated, resulting in tripped circuit breakers or worse, blown fuses. To ensure, unplug the heater and check the fuse box first.
  • Check the thermostat level. Sometimes, it can get stuck, faulty or loose, preventing electric heaters from working or providing enough heat. First, see at which level you have set it. If it’s fine, examine the thermostat dial to see whether it malfunctions.

However, there also can be problems with electric cords and heating elements. And, if you are facing such issues more often, it’s better to buy a new electric heater for your home.

Portable Electric Heaters or Mounted Ones: Which Is Better?

Well, both are great options. But, if you want to find a better alternative for your home, determine your needs first. For example, if you have larger rooms, Bromic-mounted electric heaters, like Bromic PLATINUM SMART-HEAT ELECTRIC 3400W/2300W/ 4500W, can be great options as they can evenly heat the entire area. However, mounted electric heaters can be an expensive option compared to portable electric heaters.

Better Electric Heater

And, when seeking a cost-effective heating option, look for portable electric heaters on sale in the UK. They are not just affordable but easy to install and move from one room to another whenever and wherever you need them. It’s usually ideal for medium-sized or smaller rooms.

Now, the choice is yours!

Where to Buy the Best Electric Heaters in the UK

For the best collection of electric room heaters online, look nowhere than BRIGHT AIR! From portable to mounted heaters to fan heaters, infrared heaters and ceramic eaters- We have all you need at affordable ranges. Browse our collection, find the best electric heater for your home and shop now!



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