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Leaving Electric Heaters Turned on All Night: Good Idea or a Risk?

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Hey, are you buying an electric heater this year as the winter is no longer away? But, if you are thinking of keeping it on overnight to make your bedroom warmer and more comfortable, let us tell you that besides being a good idea, there can be risks!

So, before buying a portable electric heater, you should be fully aware of this. In this guide, we will be discussing whether you should keep electric heaters turned on overnight. Let’s get started.

Should You Leave a Portable Electric Heater On All Night Long?

To get the answer, you should start with understanding the electric heaters and delve into their types and how they work. For example:

Fan Heaters

Fan heaters in the UK are a relatively cost-effective choice for portable home heaters. It uses a fan over a heating component to push the air over and keep your rooms warm by heating the air. Of the top wall-mounted and portable fan heaters 2023, you can go for:

Also, there’s a combined ceramic and fan heater, such as the Igenix IG9030 Ceramic Fan Heater, a great addition to your spaces. If you are looking for a fan heater for commercial spaces, there’s an option for you:

Ceramic Heaters

Another cost-effective heater option in the UK is ceramic electric heaters. In these models, electricity passes through a ceramic conductor and generates heat. Currently, the most efficient systems on the market are available- Vybra Neatheat Portable Ceramic Heater and Vybra Multi 3-in-1 Tower with 2000w PTC ceramic heating.

Infrared Heaters

These kinds of heaters work differently from other electric heater types. Infrared heaters, like Igenix IG9509 800W Halogen Heater, don’t emit warm air into rooms but use their infrared rays to heat the room and the objects quickly. You just need to wait two minutes to get the desired temperature.

Also, there are smart electric panel heaters nowadays operated by Wi-Fi and even compatible with Amazon Alexa, such as the Igenix IG9515Wifi 1500W Wifi Enabled Panel Heater.

Various Types of Electric Heater

Now, speaking of keeping it on overnight, you should know that electric heaters heat a single room, unlike a central heating system, not an entire home. Moreover, the electricity that these heaters use is converted into heat, making them energy-efficient. So, while leaving them on all night, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Comfortable sleep temperature
  • Eliminating the chances of frozen pipes during winter if turned it on all night near the pipes in cold areas of your home, like the attic

But, you can’t just look at these benefits and ignore the certain risks of leaving electric heaters on overnight. And, the risks actually outweigh the advantages, to be honest. Such as:

Catching Fire-

There remains a high chance of catching fires if electric heaters are left on all night due to malfunction. Actually, they can make the room dry by generating a lot of heat, making the items in the room more likely to catch fire when the heaters malfunction.

Carbon Monoxide Emitting-

Another downside of turning electric heaters on overnight is producing carbon monoxide, especially while using propane electric heaters. Although you don’t have such risks with electric fan heaters and ceramic heaters, it’s best to turn them off before going to bed to avoid higher electricity bills.

Buying a Electric Heater

In Conclusion

We can say that it’s best to avoid leaving electric heaters on overnight and switch them off before you go to bed. And, if looking for an alternative solution, we suggest using blankets or buying an electric heater in the UK with an adjustable or programmable thermostat. Hence, you can set them to get turned off automatically at a certain hour of the night.

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