AC Milan 7K WiFi Smart Home


The AC Milan 7K WiFi Smart Home is easy to install and use and is a flexible alternative to get a cooling temperature on hot days. With the included window-sealing kit, you can avoid making ugly holes in the wall, and the warm air is efficiently led out through a window, giving you a pleasant indoor climate all year round.


The wide operating range for AC Milan 7K WiFi Smart Home is between 17 - 35°C. With this temperature range, it is easy to find the perfect temperature for your particular home or office room. The Milan 7000 BTU can also be run at two different fan speeds, which means that you can easily adapt the cooling to your needs.

Woods AC Milan 7K WiFi Smart Home

    • Maximum work area 20 m²
    • Cooling capacity 2kW (7000 BTU)
    • Dehumidification 0,8 liters/hour
    • Noise level < 51 dB
    • Air flow 300 m³/h
    • Cooling media R290
    • Volt 220-240/50Hz
    • Product dimensions LxWxH 700x350x335 mm
    • Weight 22 kg