Wood’s Milan 9K WiFi Enabled Air Conditioner


The Wood’s Milan 9K is a powerful air conditioner with a sleek and elegant form factor. This air conditioner will quickly and efficiently regulate the temperature in your home or workplace, providing a comfortable climate all year around.

The Wood’s Milan 9K features a digital touch control panel as well as a remote control that makes it very easy to use. The sturdy wheels make the unit very easy to move to where it is most needed at the moment, and with the included window kit you avoid drilling holes in your wall. The hot air is easily exhausted out through the window.

The Wood’s Milan 9K uses two fan motors to ensure a more effective heat dissipation for faster cooling. The powerful airflow ensures quick and efficient cooling, while the front display is convenient for monitoring the current temperature clearly from a distance. The unit also has a digital touch control panel.

In addition to all of the other features, the unit is also WiFi connected! Wood’s has developed an app which available on IOS and Android. Using the Wood’s Connect app, you can control the unit as well as see useful information about the room environment such as temperature and humidity.

Wood’s Milan 9K WiFi Enabled Air Conditioner

  • Cooling capacity: 2,6kW (9000 BTU)
    Max working area: 26m²
    Dehumidification: 1.1 litres/hour
    Sound level: <53dB
    Air flow: 340 m3/h
    Cooling media: R290
    Voltage: 220-240/50Hz
    Size (HxLxW): 700x350x335mm
    Weight: 24kg