Igenix IG9851 50L Dehumidifier


Its suitable for large spaces sized up to 115m2. This model features 2 dehumidifying modes, and 2 fan speeds and can either be used with either continuous drainage or auto shut off when the 6-liter tank is full.


The rolling casters make it easy to maneuver, along with a built-in carrying handle.


It reduces humidity in the air and is suitable for use in large-sized spaces. This dehumidifier has a 6-liter maximum capacity removable water tank which will continuously fill when in operation, and will remove up to 50 liters of moisture per day.


The IG9851 dehumidifier has 2 Modes and 2 fan speeds, set the dehumidifier to manual or auto mode. In manual mode, the desired humidity and fan speed can be selected. In auto mode, just the speed can be changed.


This dehumidifier is designed with ease of use in mind and has a built-in carry handle as well as optional rolling casters so it can be easily transported from space to space.

Igenix IG9851 50L Dehumidifier

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