Eco Air DC14 MK2 13L Compressor Dehumidifier


EcoAir strives for improved user experience and, as such, looks for functions that meet our customers’ high expectations and needs. This compact compressor dehumidifier combines a wealth of air management options enabling the user to directly tackle dampness and condensation at the touch of a button.


Intelligent Display and Touch Button Technology
Manage humidity levels via a “Touch Button” control pad with an LED display allowing total control of your appliance. Set the required level via the “Humidity Button” and benefit from other Self Diagnosis indicators such as the “Filter Button” filter indicators. Manage controlled sessions too with the convenient 1 to 24-hour timer function.


Compressor Technology
Extracting moisture in the home reduces humidity levels, protects properties, and possessions, and improves well-being. Capable of extracting up to 11 Litres of water per day and collectible via a large internal tank (or by continuous drainage, where a hose is also included).


Auto Features
The DC12 MK2 will indicate “Tank Full” and shut down when the collection tank is full. This unit also includes an “Auto Restart”, handy if there is any interruption to the power supply. The function will enable an automatic restart when power is restored, remembering the previous setting. Leave the tank out and an audible alarm will also sound for ten seconds.


Twin Fan Speeds
Offers the flexibility of two fan speeds, and therefore the ability to reduce energy and sound footprint when in low mode. Not seen very often in this class.

Eco Air DC14 MK2 13L Compressor Dehumidifier

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