Ebac 3850e 21L Condensation and Mould Combat Dehumidifier


A handy unit that displays the the relative humidity and temperature in your home or work place so that you can take measures to adjust them for your health and comfort whilst using a dehumidifier.

With a simple, easy to use design the Prem-I-Air EH1396 Weather Station Clock is an essential and effective accessory to use alongside a dehumidifier so you can monitor the temperature and humidity in your home to ensure they are within an acceptable range. It has an easy to read digital display and it can also be used as an alarm clock.


For indoor use only.


Ebac 3850e 21 litre compact portable electronic dehumidifier launched in 2014. Prevents condensation from forming; stops mould from growing; dries the air and laundry.

The 3850e is the most advanced and multi-functional dehumidifier in the Ebac range and provides outstanding performance and reliability, demonstrating fantastic value for money.


The 3850e utilises Ebac's ground breaking and patented Smart Control TM technology as well as Intelligent Defrost technology to ensure greater energy efficiency and lower running costs.


  • Ebac dehumidifiers are the only dehumidifier brand to be designed and manufactured in Britain and are specifically optimised for Britian's lower temperature climate.
  • Dehumidifiers manufactured in the Far East are designed to extract at warmer and more humid temperatures, around 32 degrees centigrade and 90% RH; whereas Ebac's units are engineered for optimum performance at lower temperatures and humidity as typically found in the UK.
  • Ebac's lower temperature Hydrophilic.
  • Refrigeration Coil extracts more water from the air even at colder temperatures.
  • Backed up by the 2012 'Which?' dehumidifier report, it's proven that Ebac dehumidifiers extract water at both high and low temperature.

Ebac 3850e 21L Condensation and Mould Combat Dehumidifier

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