Ecor Pro DH1211inox 12L Desiccant Dehumidifier


In an article reviewing the 'Best Boat Dehumidifiers', Yachting World stated that the Ecor Pro INOX 12 "delivered exceptional results all summer in tough environments such as Spitsbergen and Norway" and that "it is rare that we rate something this highly but the INOX 12 has proven to be a superb marine dehumidifier".


The DH1211 INOX 12 uses a three-vent system that consists of 1 inlet and 2 outlets. The inlet draws in air so that it can be dust filtered and dried. One outlet expels this processed air back out into the space again. The second wet air exhaust outlet ensures that the moisture is vented away. Ducting allows you to manage the moisture in any part of your boat with the dehumidifier installed in an adjoining space.


The Ecor Pro INOX is made from stainless steel to offer a level of resistance to corrosion caused by salt and chemicals. The dehumidifier's 110V 50Hz supply can be run off a 12V DC 220V AC converter or 110V to 220V transformers.


The Ecor Pro DH1211 INOX dehumidifier can be set up temporarily or as a permanent fixture. There are four anti-scratch plastic feet that swivel out to act as anchor points, so you can install the DH1211 at any angle. All the components are heat treated to provide longevity. Maintenance and repair are also easy because the cover can be removed quickly. The reticulated dust filter can also be easily removed to be cleaned or replaced. Other accessories include a humidistat, which allows you to set a desired humidity level so that the dehumidifier switches on and off automatically.

cor Pro DH1211inox 12L Desiccant Dehumidifier