A handy unit that displays the relative humidity and temperature in your home or workplace. This can be used to monitor the humidity in different areas of the house (a child's room for example), remote from the dehumidifier. It has an easy-to-read digital display and should be used indoors only.


There are some unique features that separate it from every other unit available in the UK. In summary:


  • Large 5L tank, digital control, and colour change technology to indicate the humidity level.
  • Generally, consumers are more aware nowadays of the benefits of using a desiccant over a compressor dehumidifier; (ideal for cooler areas, smaller, lighter, quieter, etc), the Brolin BR10D is no different.
  • Car storage, drying laundry, boats, caravans, remote use in holiday homes, or maintaining the humidity in houses of up to 5 bedrooms, are all common reasons for purchasing a BR10D.

Brolin BR10D 10L Digital Desiccant Dehumidifier

  • Width (mm)


    Height (mm)


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    Water Tank Volume (L)