Your next purifier is not a purifier – it's the Clean & Cool Fan
It cleans. Achieved by our state-of-the-art ESP filter technology.
It cools. Superior air circulation into every corner of your home.
It's revolutionary. Once used, forever loved.

Catches germs, viruses & bacteria for a safe and hygienic home
The Clean & Cool Fan is a unique combination of a BONECO Air Shower fan with an air purifier. The airflow of the fan is actively filtered by a system of an Ionizer & ESP Filter and supported by a germicidal UV-C light. The fan functions are identical to the standard BONECO AC Fan line and work with or without the filter in place. The Clean & Cool fan system is an easy-to-use but powerful 2-in-1 solution.

The ESP Filter has a drastically improved lifetime compared to regular particle filters and can last up to 3 years before it needs to be replaced. The ESP Filter is washable and even dish-washer safe. The filtering efficiency is kept high with relatively minimal maintenance by cleaning the filter in regular intervals.

The Clean & Cool Fans combine the refreshing feeling of the BONECO air shower effect on a hot summer day, with the benefits of clean and healthy air from a purifier. It is a product that seamlessly fits into the existing BONECO fan line thanks to its classically elegant design. Adjust the strong purified airflow to either use it directly as a quick way to cool down or use the more passively refreshing air-shower effect. If by a direct or indirect airflow the strong fan performance allows the Clean & Cool fans to deliver the purified air to every corner of your home.


  • The ultimate device in staying cool and healthy
  • The unique combination of a powerful fan and modern purification technology.
  • The fan provides perfect air circulation ensuring cleaned air reaches every corner of your home.
  • 4 level BONECO Air shower fan
  • State-of-the-art ESP air filtration, Ionizer, and UV-C light.
  • Catches germs, viruses & bacteria for a safe and hygienic home
  • Cleanable dishwasher safe ESP filter
  • Adjustable fan height with pole
  • Provides perfect air circulation to bring clean air to every corner of your home
  • 270° manually rotatable airflow
  • Purification with HEPA-ESP filtration, ionizer, and UV-C light


Click here for an amazing video on the Boneco Shower Fans:


    220-240 V ~ 50-60 Hz

    25W – 33W

    900 m³/h
    375 x 375 x 850 mm

    170 m³/h

    38-60 dB(A)
    8 kg