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Ultimate Guide to Buying Portable Air Conditioning Units This 2023

Ultimate Guide to Buying Portable Air Conditioning Units This 2023 - BRIGHT AIR

The freezing cold of winter or scorching heat of summer- Almost every UK home finds having an air conditioning unit necessary. Now, if you want to install one more AC in your home or need to upgrade the existing one, we recommend doing your research and homework properly before any final decision-making.

And since portable air conditioners come at a price, you should ask yourself a few vital questions before the purchase. What are they? Let us guide you here.

#1: What type of Air Conditioner do I Need?

If you are unsure whether you should buy a portable air conditioning unit since there are options for window conditioners, evaluate your options. See which one will fit best in your individual room. For example:

For a small room with a window, window AC is the best and an affordable choice. Also, they are easy to maintain and install. But while opting for an air conditioner alternative, which you can move to any room as required, you better buy a portable air conditioning unit. Just make sure that you place them near a window to release the hot air outside.

In fact, you can look for split portable air conditioners. Have a glimpse here:


1.        Fral Avalanche 7kw Split Portable

2.        Fral Avalanche 15kW Split Portable Water Cooled A/C Unit - Cool Only

3.        Fral Avalanche 6.7kW Split Portable Water Cooled A/C Unit - Cool Only

 4.        DeLonghi Pinguino PAC EX100 2.5kW Air Conditioning Unit

5.        Portable Air Conditioner KYR35 3.5kW

#2: What will be the Right AC size for My Room?

When you choose an air conditioner too big for your room, whether it be your bedroom or living space, it may heat or cool your room quickly but will not eliminate the excess moisture from your space. Contrarily, a smaller unit than required will struggle to perform, and the consequences will be found in its functioning down the road.

Yet, the portable air conditioner you buy should have a perfect size, according to your room, to ensure comfort and save money, like high utility bills and unnecessary repairs. We suggest considering the factors below to identify the right AC size:

● Room size

● Humidity level

● Wall insulation

● Your room position

● Number and type of windows

● Number of people living in the room

#3: How Much Can I Spend?

While checking online for portable air conditioners for sale, you should set a budget ahead. And while making a budget for AC, make sure you do not just focus on the initial costs but others, like installation and maintenance. For instance, consider the following:

● Large-sized AC is best for a larger room for better cooling, but it will cost you more.

● If you are looking for an air conditioning unit with more features, like a smart air conditioner, you may cost higher than usual.

● Portable air conditioners are comparatively affordable. Still, you should consider the installation and maintenance costs.

#4: What is the Location of My Home?

Whether your home always receives the most heat from the sun or has a cooling effect around the premises due to the surrounding trees, you should choose an AC, especially the features, considering the climate.



Buying a portable air conditioning unit is a big decision since it is a matter of comfort for your home. At BRIGHT AIR, you can look for a wide range and variety of portable ACs. We offer FREE fast delivery!


And we hope this buying guide will help you in informed decision-making. In fact, we offer financing for larger orders, while for smaller orders, you can make payments with KLARNA and spread that in a few months.

For further expert advice, call us at 01299 212747 now.



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