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Top 4 Boneco Air Shower Fans Worth Buying for Your HOME or WORKSPACE

Top 4 Boneco Air Shower Fans Worth Buying for Your HOME or WORKSPACE - BRIGHT AIR

Nothing feels more relaxing than a comfortable and cosy room, especially in summer. An air shower fan can be a perfect addition to your living space or bedroom, giving your rooms a natural air shower feeling. And what can be a better brand to choose than the Boneco line for air shower fan purchase?

Boneco has specially designed air shower fans to create a powerful air stream with amazing air circulation by moving a greater volume of air and leaving your space comfortable. We have discussed here the features of top Boneco air shower fan models so you can compare and pick the best one for your home. Let’s get started.

Features of Top Boneco Air Shower Fans 

The Boneco line comes with amazing smart features for every air shower fan model you will definitely fall for. Have a look:

Boneco F220 Airshower Fan

The best feature you will love in this Boneco F220 Air Shower Fan is its adjustable height. You can set it at any height you need it. Again, its 270-degree rotated head will help you point the shower fan at any corner of your living room. So, wherever you sit, you can enjoy the air shower feeling!

This versatile Boneco fan has a uniquely shaped front grid, allowing an airspeed boost, perfect for summer days, while its deep-pitch blades draw a huge volume of fresh air indoors. Also, you can use this air shower fan with your AC or furnace to maintain a uniform temperature in your space.

Generally, this stylish and innovative Boneco F220 Air Shower Fan is perfect for single rooms to create cosiness by pulling a breeze from open windows. 

Boneco F120 Airshower Fan

Do you have middle-sized bedrooms, and are you looking for a perfect solution to keep the space cosy all the time? Boneco F120 Airshower Fan can be a great choice here.

Its unique and stylish arm design allows amazing airflow with its 270-degree rotated head, which you can point at anywhere, whether it be at yourself or your ceiling and walls, to reflect to create a comfortable feeling within your space. You can even control the air speed level with a rotary knob. In fact, its Swiss design looks elegant against any room design and theme.

Boneco F100 Desk Fan

A small space for your home office? Want to make it feel cosy and comfortable to work in? The Boneco F100 Desk Fan is the perfect solution for such a compact space. You can enjoy an air shower feeling with this fan, even at lower levels, like direct cooling. Here are the features you can enjoy:

● Simple touch control

● LED light indicators

● 3-speed level fan

● Desktop or tabletop circulation

● Low maintenance and easy-to-remove blades

● The lower operation noise level

In short, you can keep your tiny space cosy with this Boneco F100 Desk Fan with just simple touch control!

Boneco F235 Airshower fan

Want to eliminate the hot and cold zones and maintain a perfect temperature in any season? Then, this portable air shower fan will be the best choice among all the Boneco lines. It brings in the air shower feeling by pulling fresh air indoors. And you can virtually point this fan at any angle for manual airflow with its 270-degree rotated head.


In fact, if you have a large open space, a single room, or rooms with high ceilings, this Boneco F235 is also a great choice for its adjustable height, from 49cm to 85cm to 121cm. You can set it according to your comfort level.

Other features, here are some of them:

● Bluetooth-connected BONECO app for user guidance

● Silent operation

● The rotational knob controls 32-speed levels

● Unique and stylish Swiss design


So, which one do you like for your space? Let us know! If you love the Boneco line for portable air shower fans, browse our shop. At BRIGHT AIR, we have a huge collection of Boneco airshower fans at a competitive range.

So, order now. We guarantee FREE fast delivery! For further expert guidance, email



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