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Portable Aircon Units or Fixed Ones: Find the Best for Your Home

Portable Aircon Units or Fixed Ones: Find the Best for Your Home - BRIGHT AIR

Do you know what the hottest news in the UK is now? It’s the temperature, which seems to be the highest this year since 1884, making the 2023 summer the warmest. No wonder more and more people are looking at air conditioning units for their homes to keep indoors comfortable as much as possible.

But, while scrolling websites for aircon units for sale, you fall into a dilemma- “Should I Buy a Portable AC Unit or a Fixed AC?” Don’t be in a rush! We can make your decision-making easy. Take a look at the points below focussed on the pros and drawbacks of both systems!

Portable Air Conditioners or Fixed AC: Which Is Best for You?

If you look into the basic difference, you can see that portable AC units are available in mostly the same size, shape and designs, no matter which brand you choose.

But, fixed ACs come in different styles and sizes, like low wall-mounted, high wall-mounted, split, ducted, ceiling mounted and so on. For example, 9000BTU 2.7Kw Heat & Cool Air Conditioning Super Inverter System - KFR23-IW/AG-H is a great choice for both residential and commercial uses due to its highly energy-efficient feature. Contrarily, while looking for an AC easy-to-install for your home, KAYSUN Casual Single Room A/C System for Heating & Cooling - 2.6kW is the perfect choice to heat and cool your indoors.

Now, let’s talk about the pros and cons of both fixed ACs and portable ACs.


Fixed ACs


The best part of fixed air conditioning units is that they can keep your room perfectly cosy, no matter what the temperature is outside. That’s why it has become a more desirable alternative for UK homeowners. In fact, there are more reasons to choose it for your home:

  • Quieter for both indoor and outdoor units.

  • Efficient in both heating and cooling modes.

  • Multiple control modes, like Wi-Fi, smartphone or touchscreen remote.

Of the cons, we can mention that it’s slightly more expensive than portable ACs in most cases, excluding the installation charges. Moreover, it takes an outdoor unit and an external power supply. Nevertheless, you need to stay in the room where you have installed it since there’s no portable option!


Portable ACs


In most cases, it feels uncomfortably hot during the summer months in the UK. No wonder only one AC for all in your home isn’t enough! In that case, having a portable air conditioning unit is a better alternative since you can move it anywhere you want as you need. Not only this, there are more reasons to go for this:

  • No hassle of outdoor unit installation, which means cutting enough costs.

  • No such power requirements.

  • Quite affordable than fixed ACs.

Speaking of its cons, you can’t ignore its bulky size taking up enough floor space. On the other hand, it comes with comparatively smaller capacities while needing draining and venting always. Moreover, you may find it a little bit noisier than fixed ACs and incapable of heating.


In a Nutshell


Well, it’s up to you which one you want to pick for your home based on your cooling requirements. Both fixed ACs and portable air con units cool indoors efficiently, making them a great choice for homeowners.


Now, always go for the top brands, no matter which one you choose! BRIGHT AIR is the best place to buy portable air conditioners and fixed ACs for residential and commercial purposes.


So, why wait? Browse our collection and shop now!




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