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Desiccant or Compressor Dehumidifier: Which One to Buy?

Desiccant or Compressor Dehumidifier: Which One to Buy? - BRIGHT AIR

Hey, do you know a dehumidifier is a practical investment whether you need to control mould, dust mites, allergen or even moisture levels in your home? That's right. In fact, while looking for portable dehumidifiers in the UK, you should know there is more than one kind of option for you- Desiccant dehumidifier and Compressor dehumidifier.

And if you are not familiar with these terms but trying to pick between these two for your home, you better read this guide and decide which one is right for you. Let’s get started.

What is Desiccant Dehumidifier and Compressor Dehumidifier?

A desiccant dehumidifier draws humid air and passes it over a wheel (containing silica gel) while absorbing the rest and providing dry and warm air. On the contrary, a compressor dehumidifier does the same thing except for passing the humid air over the coil to remove the moisture using condensation and collecting the excess water extracted in a water reservoir to empty eventually.

Now, which one is best for your home depends on different circumstances and your intention to use the dehumidifier. See here:

1: Space-

Do you have a large living room or bedroom to dehumidify? If yes, a compressor dehumidifier is a better option than a desiccant. This dehumidifier has a high capacity to dehumidify multiple pints a day.


But when you intend to dehumidify a small room, go for the desiccant humidifier because a tiny space cannot have a dense intensity level or high humidity. Yet, its minimal wheels are sufficient to dehumidify a small space.


2: Climate of Your Location-

Determine the temperature of the area you live in since it plays a significant role in deciding which dehumidifier you should choose.


For example, suppose you reside in a warmer climate. In that case, you should choose a compressor dehumidifier since the unit has to be colder than the air outside, so it can condense water to dehumidify chilly rooms. But desiccant dehumidifiers are a better alternative for cold locations because these can produce more heat than compressor ones.


However, compressor dehumidifiers blow air that brings the room temperature back. It’s perfect for a room which is already warm. Contrarily, you should go for desiccant dehumidifiers for extra heating.


3: Maintenance-


Since desiccant humidifiers do not use any refrigerator like compressor ones, the former is easy to maintain. You just need to recharge the desiccant humidifier. Then, you can replace and use the unit again to eliminate humid air.


But for a compressor humidifier, count on a professional when seeing any performance decrease. After all, the experts can ensure whether the device is running out of refrigerant gas. Also, its other parts require professional maintenance from time to time as well.

4: Energy Consumption-


A desiccant humidifier consumes more energy than a compressor humidifier, especially in a warmer climate. Yet, if you want to save on utility bills, go for a compressor humidifier for low energy usage.


For the top home humidifiers in the UK, you can see this list:

● Fral FDNF62 62L High Performance Compressor Dehumidifier

● Brolin BR10D 10L Digital Desiccant Dehumidifier

● Brolin BR20C 20L Portable Home Dehumidifier

● Rhino DH20L 20L Domestic Dehumidifier

● Dri-Eaz CUBE Dehumidifier 28L High Performance 110V


Bottom Line


We hope you can make the right choice for looking for top models of home dehumidifiers in the UK. And if you are looking to buy dehumidifiers in the UK, browse our shop. We, BRIGHT AIR, offer humidifiers of only top brands, like Fral, Rhino, Olimpia, Brolin and more.

Also, you can get free next-day delivery on all your products. Shop now!



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