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5 Things You Need to Keep in Mind While Buying Portable Air Conditioners

5 Things You Need to Keep in Mind While Buying Portable Air Conditioners - BRIGHT AIR

It goes without saying that summers are intolerable! And, if you want to have comfortable and cosy indoors, nothing can be better than buying a portable air conditioner online. After all, they don’t just offer instant cooling but an easy-to-install option with a lot of exciting features.

But, before you start looking for a portable aircon for sale online, you need to keep a few things in mind to make an ideal choice for your home. Interested? You have landed on the right blog! Let’s get started.


What to Remember When Buying Portable AC Online

Every home is different, and so are its cooling needs. That’s why you need to consider a few simple things to ensure you pick the right portable air conditioning unit for your premises. For example:

Size of Portable Air Conditioners-

Speaking of portable aircon, always go for the models with higher BTU (British Thermal Units) ratings, providing more cooling for bigger rooms. For example, Welsch WELSC14 4.1kW Spot Cooler and Portable Air Conditioner come with a powerful 14,000 BTU rating ideal for 4,000 cubic feet, while Portable Air Con Brolin 12P 3.5kW has a 12,000 BTU rating best for 3,200 cubic feet.

But, while buying one, make sure you check it’s appropriate for your space. After all, the last thing you want is to waste money and energy, right?

The Right Spot to Place your Portable Air Conditioner-

A portable air conditioner comes with a vent hose to exhaust hot air. It means you need to plug in the portable air con just within a few feet of your windows. It’s the quickest way to install them and enjoy the cooling faster and to the fullest.

How Loud your Portable AC is-

Many portable ACs cause noises inside your room since they don’t extend outside your room like window ACs. And, if you are concerned about it, we suggest going for the portable air conditioning units come with low noise, such as Portable Air Conditioner KYR25 2.5kW for home and Fral Avalanche 15kW Split Portable Water Cooled A/C Unit - Cool Only for industrial purposes.

Energy Efficient-

Do you know how to check the energy efficiency of a portable air conditioner? The easiest way to do so is to look at its Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) and observe how many BTUs are used for each watt. The higher EERs per unit, the more energy efficient your portable AC is. For example, you can go for Fral Avalanche 6.7kW Split Portable Water Cooled A/C Unit - Cool Only in this case.

Maintenance Needs

While buying a portable AC, you need to worry about its time-to-time maintenance, especially collected moisture drainage. After all, every air conditioning unit, including portable ACs, pulls moisture from the air when they cool. So, always check how frequent maintenance you need, such as cleaning and replacing filters. Depending on different brands, it can vary.

In Conclusion

We hope considering these easiest tricks will definitely help you buy the right portable AC online. And, if you are looking for a great collection, browse our shop at BRIGHT AIR. We have air conditioning units for every need. For small purchases, you can pay with KLARNA while allowing financing for larger orders.



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