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5 Knockout Ways to Enhance Portable Air conditioner Cooling

5 Knockout Ways to Enhance Portable Air conditioner Cooling - BRIGHT AIR

What can be more frustrating than when your AC fails to cool the room properly while looking for some relief from the heat? The best option is to buy portable air conditioners, so you can move the cooling unit easily from one room to another wherever you need it.

But on the hottest summer days, while looking for a more cooling effect, we have some mind-blowing ideas to do so. Let’s get started.

1: Try to Keep its Exhaust Hose Straight-

The role of the exhaust hose in a portable AC is to eliminate the warm air of your room outside through doors, windows or drop ceiling. But be sure you keep the hose free of bends and straight as much as possible to enhance its performance because a twisted hose fails to extract warm air efficiently.

Plus, the unit gives more effort to offer cooling, leading to moisture accumulation in the hose and damage to the AC.

2: Keep the Doors and Windows Closed-

For optimal cooling of your portable air conditioner, close all the doors and windows before turning it on. Thus, you can prevent the warm air from letting in while the cool air from running off. Moreover, when you leave the windows and doors open, the AC needs to work hard to keep the space cool.

However, if you don’t want to keep the windows closed, the blinds and curtains will work even as a cover against entering sunlight and direct exposure of your cooling unit to the sun.

3: Clean the Filters More Often-

If you want efficient cooling performance from your portable AC, make sure that you clean its filters more often. Clogged dust particles and debris in filters stop the air conditioner from providing optimal cooling.

In this case, you can take a bucket of warm water with detergent and clean the filters once in three months for better cooling. But before you slide the filters into the AC, do not forget to dry them out.

4: Startup the AC before You Need-

For better cooling in your room, it is a good idea to turn on the air conditioner before you plan to start it up. Thus, you can maximise the cooling. For example, if you turn on the air conditioner in the early morning when the temperature outside is low, the AC does not have to work hard to cool the room. So, do not wait to turn on the air conditioner until the room becomes a furnace!

5: Find The Right Spot to Place Your Portable Air Conditioner-

Before you buy a portable air conditioner online, be sure that you choose the right position so the unit can cool your rooms more efficiently. For instance:

● Near an outside window or close to an electrical outlet for better draining and venting

● The air conditioners should be placed on the flat and even floor.

● Select a spot where cool air can flow without any interruption. So, try to avoid putting something in front of it or placing it behind any table or closet.

● Never keep the AC near any what sources, like electronics, refrigerators or big TV screens. While placing, leave at least 3 metres gap.

Bottom Line

We hope you will find our guide helpful. And while looking at purchasing your perfect air product, count on us. At BRIGHT AIR, you can look for portable ACs from top brands like Winix, Boneco, etc. To buy a portable air conditioner online, browse our shop now!



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