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3-Minute Guide to Choose The Best Portable AC Unit for Your House

3-Minute Guide to Choose The Best Portable AC Unit for Your House - BRIGHT AIR

Hey, are you prepared to combat the summer’s heat? Nothing can beat a portable AC to keep your room cool and comfortable. However, portable air conditioners are one of the most popular traditional options.


How to select a portable air conditioner suitable according to your needs?

Consider The Cooling capacity

When you want to buy a portable AC online cooling capacity plays a crucial role in two ways. Firstly, to maintain a specific and suitable temperature in your room choosing the right cooling capacity is crucial. Secondly, if your air conditioner's cooling capacity is insufficient you have to keep your air conditioner on for longer periods of time. This will eventually impact the lifespan of the unit and you will have to pay higher utility bills.


You can use portable air conditioners online in one of two ways: in total square footage (the square footage of the largest room that can be effectively cooled by the unit), or in British thermal units (BTU), which is the heat quantity needed to increase or decrease the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit.

Size and Position Matter

The portable AC unit you invest in should fit near a window. Make sure there is adequate space around and you can operate the AC easily. Like a window air conditioning unit, a portable model is designed to draw in air through its intake, then it emits hot air through a vent tube and out the window.


This means that you should keep about twice the space that the unit needs for itself. You should take into priority the cooling capacity. The size of the unit you are bringing home matters a lot. The unit should not be too large for the space available.

Noise level Is A Concern

Compared to the motor and the fan, air conditioners make a noise. It depends on how badly you should cool off. However, Most of us prefer to use home appliances as quietly as possible, especially when they might be running every day for a few months. If this is a concern for you, be sure to read reviews that feature comments remarking on noise levels from the fan or motor before finalizing your choice.

People often think that they can easily move all portable air conditioners. But it’s not always true! Every model is not easy to move around in a house. If you want to set up your portable AC unit in one room and leave it there, you don't have to worry about anything. But if you want it to roll from one room to another at night, then you need wheels. Not all AC units come with wheels, so, you need to filter your search and narrow down the list of options. Another aspect you need to focus on to buy a portable AC unit online is the weight. This specification decides whether you can frequently move your unit up and down stairs

Bonus Tip:

People often have concerns about how much running an AC unit may increase their electric bill. To make sure your energy usage is at a minimum, look for a unit that is energy efficient. This is an indication that the appliance meets the standards of right energy efficiency.

To Sum It Up:

To make yourself and your family members cool and comfortable during summer, portable ACs are the best options. Buy portable air conditioners online that are easy to move around, and available at budget-friendly prices.

For the best quality portable AC units at affordable prices look no further than BRIGHT AIR. We offer ACs that are easily movable and energy-efficient. On our site, you will get the portable ACs of top brands. We have a huge collection of both commercial and domestic portable ACs. Our experts can help you find a suitable AC for your house. Call us and shop now!



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