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2023 Top 3 Heavy-Duty Commercial Industrial Dehumidifiers

2023 Top 3 Heavy-Duty Commercial Industrial Dehumidifiers - BRIGHT AIR

Do you maintain a warehouse for your business or run a flood restoration market in the UK? Then, you will probably know how challenging it is to dry the buildings since the UK climate has high humidity levels. It causes condensation and moisture, leading to structural damage, mould growth, electrical issues and even other problems, which can interrupt the safety of a building while degrading its value.

That’s why instead of ignoring the challenges, you can make a smart choice by investing in heavy-duty commercial industrial dehumidifiers to eliminate the excess moisture from your warehouse or during any commercial uses, like water damage restoration.

Best Heavy-Duty Commercial Industrial Dehumidifiers

Since so many options are available in the market, finding the right heavy-duty dehumidifier for your commercial and industrial purposes can be confusing. Well, we have mentioned here three top heavy-duty industrial dehumidifiers. You can take a look at the features and choose the most suitable one for your warehouse. Let’s get started:

#1: Brolin BR55C 55L Heavy-Duty Dehumidifier

Of all commercial dehumidifiers in the UK, this one is the most popular one for commercial buildings like large storage spaces, warehouses and workshops to keep the premises dry. In fact, this Brolin BR55C 55L Heavy-Duty dehumidifier is useful even for flood drying and restoration due to its powerful pump and hose.

This heavy-duty dehumidifier is easy to access with its large digital screen, and you can move it easily anywhere and set it up with its big wheels. The digital screens come with 7 controls, making them easier to use.

#2: Fral FDND33 33L Heavy-Duty 33L Compressor Dehumidifier

Here’s another on the list of heavy-duty dehumidifiers- Fral FDND33 33L Heavy-Duty 33L Compressor Dehumidifier. Whether you run a flood restoration business or have a warehouse, it’s perfect for any commercial and industrial use during excess moisture removal from buildings, like water damage restoration.

This robust Fral FDND33 commercial dehumidifier contains a built-in condensate pump and an hour clock, making this unit ideal for use in the flood restoration market in the UK. Also, this dehumidifier features more, making it worth investing in:


● Easy-to-replace, washable and energy-efficient polyurethane filter

● A large condensation tank and direct drainage

● Lower energy consumption and high performance even at low humidity

#3: Brolin BR85C 85L Heavy-Duty Dehumidifier

Are you looking for a perfect excess moisture absorption unit for your flood restoration business, large storage areas or warehouses? Here’s another heavy-duty dehumidifier alternative from Brolin for commercial uses. Brolin BR85C 85L also comes with a big digital screen, allowing you to control its features effortlessly. On the other hand, its spot dryer and drainage hose make it a breeze to eliminate excess moisture from the building.

So, which one do you think is perfect for your commercial and industrial use? Let us know. And to buy a dehumidifier online in the UK, visit our shop at BRIGHT AIR.



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